starting your challenge with Coral Club
Your guide to running a successful challenge
A challenge is an online course that includes:
A single theme/concept associated with a specific product.
Unique information, tasks, posts, messages, and checklists.
Continuous feedback and 24/7 distributor support for participants.
A clearly defined result. For example, cleansing the body.
The main advantage of running challenges with Coral Club
You will no longer have to prepare materials on your own
We will provide you with prepared materials to run your own challenges at anytime
1. A landing page with referral link
2. A challenge checklist
3. Challenge promotional content
4. All posts to follow
5. Checklists for participants
You will have access to:
How to run your
first challenge
challenge content will be accessible only after you get your challenge organizer certificate
Get trained at the challenge Organizer School on the Coral Business Academy website.
Successfully complete the final test and get a Challenge Organizer Certificate.
Get private access to prepared challenge materials: website, posts, checklists, and videos.
After getting your challenge organizer certificate
Download prepared materials for announcing your challenge with private access to the CBA
Get your referral link to the challenge website with private access to CBA and invite members to your project
Create groups and gather participants
Support your group participants, using prepared materials
At least 2 weeks before the start, make announcements to potential participants in your accounts and messengers, and inform them of event dates and the necessary product for participation.
• Make an announcement post on accounts and chats with consumers (all announcement materials are available on the CBA website after completing the challenge Organizer School and receiving a certificate).
Inform consumers in advance about  a challenge
• Send private messages to members with an invitation to join.
• Publish reminder posts about the start.
Recruit new people and interact with  a less engaged audience
Offer not just a product, but participation in an interesting project with useful information, support, and a community.
Being active is your key to success!
A challenge system built on Coral Club's 5-Step concept of health
Balanced nutrition with Nutripack
step 4
Cleansing with Coral Detox or Coral Detox Plus
Deep cleansing with Go Detox / Go Detox Light
step 3
Anti-parasite protection with Parashield or Parashield Plus
step 2
Optimal hydration with HydraMax
step 1
step 5
Protection & immunity support with Immunity Pack
A special challenge landing page with your referral link
First challenge ’22 - Hydramax Pack!
Send the challenge invites using your personal landing page with a referral link. All the newcomers who come via your referral link will be automatically registered in your structure.
Challenges are a convenient format for competent consumer support. You get ready-made materials from Coral Club, an excellent instrument to sell products and create close contact with the consumer base, as well as the opportunity to “guide” consumers through all stages of the Health Concept, thus increasing their income.
Why run challenges?
How do I access challenge content?
Access to materials will be available after completing the challenge Organizer School and successfully passing the test. You will receive a challenge organizer certificate and access to all materials.
If you haven't run a challenge yet, it's best to start with us. On April 11th, the first HydraMax challenge will start in the main @coraclub account. Gather a group of participants and join the organizers of the challenge. You will be able to use all the materials and run your challenge at any time.
When can I run my first challenge?
We recommend using Telegram, and you will learn about all the intricacies of running a group at the challenge Organizer School.
Which messenger service is best for creating groups and communication with participants?